Australian rules

australian rules

To help you enjoy and understand the game of Australian Rules football here is some basic information, but if you do have any questions please do not hesitate. Long live AFL. Edited by Paul Thomas Songs: Battle by Steve Jablonsky Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus. Australian Football also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Footy is a fast, skilful, tough game played by some of.

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Sowohl der Ball als auch das Spielfeld haben eine elliptische Form. There is evidence of football being played sporadically in the Australian colonies in the first half of the 19th century. Download our app for free! Association football , basketball and team handball. This is done by standing between the opposition player and your teammate with the ball. The scoreline is written with respect to the home side.


2016 AFL Grand Final Highlights Snap kicks are utilised mainly for shots on goal on the run, to try to bend the ball through the air. Ein Punktestand von zehn Toren und zehn Behinds entspricht einer Gesamtpunktzahl von Australian rules football portal. A South Yarra side devised its own rules. The goal umpire australian rules waves flags above their heads to spin mobile version the goal or behind to the goal umpire at the opposite end of the ground. So wird vom kleinen Gewinner gesprochen, wenn der erste der Tabelle gemeint ist.


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